Build-Operate-Transfer Services

Build-Operate-Transfer Services

Talentum provides Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) engagement model that helps businesses establish a presence in a new market by building, operating, and eventually transferring operations.


Talentum helps the client establish new operations in the target market which includes setting up the infrastructure, recruiting and training staff, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.


Once the operations are established, Talentum may continue to manage and operate it on behalf of the client. This could involve day-to-day management and other operational tasks.


After a specified period, Talentum transfers ownership and operation of the business to the client. This allows the client to take full control of the operation and continue running it independently.

BOT consulting can be beneficial for businesses looking to expand into new markets or locations but may lack the expertise or resources to do so independently. By partnering with a us, businesses can benefit from the firm's experience and support throughout the entire process, from initial setup to full operation.